To maintain safety and promote the development of technology, AIIGMA will investigat problems in the operation of the industrial gas indutry related to environment safety, technology and other areas, while planning and promoting measures to solve these problems

AIIGMA is committed to work proactively to encourage its members to adopt world class management practices, build and uphold highest quality standards and become globally competitive. It is well known that technological change is the driving force behind industrial growth and development. High purity industrial gases are an essential component to sustaining industry. They assist production, conserve food, control pollution, fight fires, sustain lives, protect the environment and enhance the quality of life. They are also vital to scientific research and for medical applications. Hydrogen and helium are also produced as by-products of other manufacturing activities where natural gas is used.

AIIGMA will encourage all R&D efforts into the production, distribution, consumption and other matters of importance concerning the growth of the Indian industrial gas industry in the light of environmental issues and international standards in the industry. The Association will eventually plan to have its own R&D centre and training centre for all those working in the industrial gas sector. Online trading will be extended to AIIGMA members. Furthermore, AIIGMA is dedicated to express the views of the Indian industrial gas industry and serves as a forum for promoting friendship amongst its members to foster healthy growth of the industry and contribute to the prosperity of the country.