It aims to play a role in the harmonization of standards across the Asian countries and on a global level with other associations in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, and the US.

The Association has been participating in the China International Exhibitions over the years. The Members interacted with industrial gas and plant and equipment manufacturers in China and sought to study the regulations in China for production, handling and storage of various gases, and make a comparative study of the Indian and Chinese quality and safety standards.

AIIGMA maintains a strong global relationship with other associations in the gas industry, namely Compressed Gas Association of the US, British Compressed Gas Association, European Industrial Gas Association, Japan Industrial Gas Association of Japan, and China Industrial Gases Industry Association and also with various companies worldwide to maintain up-to-date information on latest technology.

The Association organized an “India-China Business Meet” on December 5, 2005, in New Delhi with support from China Industrial Gases Industry Association. Representatives from 15 companies from China participated in the meet. The Chinese companies represented were plant manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, cylinder manufacturers, compressor manufacturers, etc.

About 30 members from India took part. The delegation expressed confidence of building a closer relationship with AIIGMA. Members discussed possibilities for co-operation between India and China. It was realized that through closer interaction, both the countries would benefit tremendously in future.

AIIGMA maintains its focus on the development of the gas industry in India.