Safety is one aspect where AIIGMA always emphasized on developing systems so as to ensure that the gas community remains updated on the precautions to be taken while using gases. The Association work on evolving and maintaining standards in the industry. these pertain to manufacturing specifications,safety requirements, and other industry practices.

AIIGMA published safety posters in Hindi and English in September 1991 to circulate the same amongst gas manufacturers. Since then, the Association, with the support of the Department of Explosives, has been publishing and circulating safety posters from time to time.

Both the consumers and the manufacturers have to be safety conscious. Manufacturers and dealers should routinely educate consumers on various safety aspects. AIIGMA made representations to the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Central Pollution division and to Central Pollution Control Board, requesting for an amendment to define air gases under green category list, instead of the red category. It was explained that industrial gases, mainly air gases, do not create any pollution. In 2001, the Government agreed to put most of the industrial gases under the green category. The Association forwarded the guidelines issued by Central Pollution Control Board to all its members.

Safety in production and distribution of industrial gases being the focus of attention for AIIGMA, it developed a close interaction with Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization and the Bureau of Indian Standards to propagate the importance of safety precautions and regulations in the gas industry. Various publications, workshops, symposia, seminars are held, dedicated to different aspects of safety in gas industry. The Ministry of Industry and the PESO have appreciated the role of AIIGMA in these matters and have always given due importance to the suggestions made by the Association.

As part of its efforts:-

  • AIIGMA received nomination in the Bureau of Indian Standards’ sectional committee. The BIS-Gas Cylinder Committee revised the standards for acetylene generators after close interaction with AIIGMA and the authorities concerned.
  • AIIGMA received nomination in the Bureau of Indian Standards’ sectional committee. The BIS-Gas Cylinder Committee revised the standards for acetylene generators after close interaction with AIIGMA and the authorities concerned.
  • In 2004, the Association extended support for the preparation of a draft code, i.e. “Code of Practice for Handling Specialty Gases“, for submission to BIS. Effective steps were also taken for pursuing reduction in the mark fees for DA generators.
  • Similarly, the Association has debated on designing the code of conduct for safe handling of cylinders and issued an appeal to its members to follow the best industry practices in this regard. The Association played a very important role to finalize the amendments to Static & Mobile Pressure Vessel Rules in 1996 and subsequently took the initiative to form the core-group to recommend the draft for revised Gas Cylinder Rules. The revised Gas Cylinder Rules was published by the government in 2004. AIIGMA’s close association with the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) helped gas manufacturers to give due importance to the safety precautions required in gas industry. In addition, appropriate norms and rules are regularly published in the AIIGMA newsletters for greater public awareness.