1) Implementation of Rule 6 (2)(c) of GCR -2016

2) Registration of Importers of Helium and Gas Cylinder Manufacturers/Distributors on GeM Portal

3) Medical Oxygen Prices have been extended till March 31, 2023

4) Price Extension order for LMO & Gaseous Medical Oxygen by NPPA

5) Important Notification from PESO regarding QR coding & Telemetry device_
Dated -21-06-2022

6) PESO Circular dated 5th May 2022 regarding Launch of online Paperless Module for Import of Compressed Gases in ISO Tank Containers

7) Submission of Data pertaining to Liquid Oxygen manufactured and supplied on daily basis. Dated:29-04-2022

8) Gas Cylinder Rules 2016 ammended…QR code/RFID on NFNT Cylinders made mandatory

9) LMO tankers to be treated as ambulances / exempted from Toll Fees on National Highways

10) Medical oxygen Rates extended till March 31, 2022 by NPPA

11) Installation of Telemetry device on Liquid Oxygen Cryogenic Storage Tanks dated 31-12-2021

12) Calcium Carbide Rules dated 31-08-2021

13) SMPV Rules dated 31-08-2021

14) DPIIT Order dated June 1. 2021 on supply of Oxygen to Industry

15) SOP for Conversion of used LNG Tankers for Oxygen service dated 29th April 2021

16) MHA clarification on use of liquid oxygen - April 27, 2021

17) Relaxation of Rules to enable easy availability of Medical Oxygen - April 26, 2021

18) Order on Monitoring Conversion of Nitrogen and Argon Tankers in LMO Tankers - April 24, 2021

19) Fixing of VLT devices on Oxygen carrying vehicles 24th April, 2021

20) Amendment to Order No. D.O no.17/S(HFW)/MO/2021 dated 18th April 2021

21) Oxygen to Industries( barring critical industries) has been prohibited . Oxygen to be diverted for Medical use only - April 18, 2021

22) Global Tender floated by GOI for procuring 50000 MT of Liquid Medical Oxygen - April 16, 2021

23) Order of Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure uninterrupted supply of Medical Oxygen - April 16, 2021

24) Circular issued by PESO / Conversion of Liquid Argon / Liquid Nitrogen cryogenic tankers for Medical Oxygen use - April 14, 2021

25) Oxygen carrying vehicles allowed to ply 24x7 by Government of India - April 12, 2021

26) Circular from PESO regarding Filling of Non Toxic and Non Flammable
Gas Cylinders round the Clock - April 9, 2021

27) Amendment to Change in Service to transport Medical Oxygen - March 29, 2021

28) Revised Ceiling Price of Medical Oxygen as fixed by NPPA - September 25, 2021

29) Approval of ISO Tank for Domestic Movement

30) Transport Vehicles supplying Oxygen across States or within State
have been exempted from the requirement of permit due to covid pandemic,
till March 31, 2021

31) Important order issued by Home Secretary pertaining to Inter -State movement of Medical Oxygen Supplies - September 18, 2020

32) Order issued by Moh&FW, stating that Inter state supplies of Medical Oxygen Gas can not be stopped”, dated Sep 10, 2020

33) List of Nodal Officers and Volunteers for Procuring Medical Oxygen

34) Mobile tankers to Liquid Medical Oxygen - August 17, 2020

35) PESO Order, dated July 24, 2020

36) Tenders for Medical Oxygen Cylinders - July 20, 2020

37) SOP issued by PESO for restarting factory as per Gas Cylinder Rules 2016 - May 8, 2020

38) SOP issued by PESO for restarting factory as per SMPV Rules 2016 - May 8, 2020

39) SOP for converting Industrial Oxygen Gas Cylinder & Inert Gas Cylinder for Medical use, dated April 22, 2020

40) Circular pertaining to monitoring inventory of Medical Oxygen in Liquid/ Gaseous form, issued by PESO - April 18, 2020

41) The Order Copy issued by Home Secretary, dated April 12, 2020

42) Industrial Oxygen Gas Manufacturers allowed to Manufacture Oxygen for Medical use in wake of COVID 19 Pandemic - April 8, 2020

43) Order issued by Home Secretary for ensuring continuous supply of
medical oxygen, dated April 06, 2020

44) PESO Letter allowing manufacturing and transporting of Medical Oxygen - March 25, 2020

45) Annexure to Order dated 24-03-2020 issued by Ministry of Home Affairs

46) Addendum to Order dated 25-03-2020 issued by Ministry of Home Affairs

47) Guidelines for Cleaning of Externally contaminated Medical
Gas Cylinders / Containers - April 4, 2020

48) List of Nationwide Control Room Help Line Numbers / List Of AIIGMA Nodel Officers & Volunteers

a) Control Room set up by AIIGMA for Helping Hospitals, Healthcare Centres and Quarantine Camps in Procuring Medical Oxygen.

b) List of AIIGMA Nodal Officers / Volunteers

49) List of PESO Nodal Officers

50) a. Partial list of Industrial / medicinal gas manufacturers/ re-fillers / suppliers listed with AIIGMA.

b. Details of Manufacturers_Suppliers of Medical Oxygen Cylinders and Liquid Cryogenic Vessels for Medical Oxygen list with AIIGMA


1) Guidelines and List of Manufacturers of Medical Oxygen would be updated as and when required

2) Manufacturers/Refillers/Suppliers who wish to include their names in the List may kindly contact AIIGMA
at secretary@aiigma.org to register themselves




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